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Columbia, SC 29205-1346
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Gariane Phillips Gunter, MD
- Mrs United States 2008


                         Kathy Cobb
        President, Kathryn Cobb Interview
                    and Communications

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"Miss Kathy, Thank you for being the best interview coach anyone could ask for! Not only did you improve my interview skills, but also helped me in all aspects of competition! You are a true miracle worker! God Bless!"

> Teen Miss Florence
> Little Miss South Carolina Overall Talent Winner

Kim Sullivan - Mrs S.C. America 2008
 3rd Runner Up at Mrs. America 2008


"You will feel as if you've know Kathy for years the first time you meet her. This helps because when you are comfortable you can explore new boundaries and create the perfect interview or what ever it may be. Kathy helped me to unleash my personality."

> Miss South Carolina Teen 2013

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