My philosophy on teaching . . . In this Texting Age your child needs speaking skills more than ever . . . It's an Investment . . . Especially in these hard economic times

I believe in developing the student into a self-confident, better spoken, knowledgeable person. One who feels comfortable in any setting, and can answer any question with assurance. I encourage students to be themselves at all times, exploring their capabilities, and allowing them to grow through a process of self-discovery. I teach students to communicate and sell themselves, and most importantly to exude self-confidence.

Q. Why should I invest in interview training?

Your child will not always be texting. They must learn to speak correctly and distinctly. Your child will always communicate, and the goals that I teach: presentation, poise, proper diction, losing or correcting a Southern accent and self-esteem are tools one needs for the rest of her life. She/he will not always be in a beauty pageant; but she/he will always communicate; I teach the gift that keeps on giving. This is instruction that will assist her/him through college life, job interviews and much more. This is the best money you will spend for the development of your child.

Q. How do you teach, where, hours?

I teach on a one-on-one basis, not a group setting. I feel I get to know the person and I can effectively learn their styles of communication and can teach accordingly. On a one-on-one basis the student learns much more and can open up to new ideas better. I care for my students and do not wish for them to have cookie-cutter answers. I want, at all times, for the student to be himself or herself. I teach on an hourly basis, most students who travel in book for two hours at a time. I work seven days a week. I live approximately three miles from the State House in Columbia, SC.

Q. How do I go about making an appointment?

Call me and we set up a time. Some people think I am already booked up, but I will do my best to try to work you in. You do not have to sign a contract; you come as often as you feel the need. I would like to observe you to decide how many classes I think you ought to have. I give a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with my instruction.